The FileAdvisor service will be decommissioned.

The FileAdvisor service will be decommissioned and shut down on June 1, 2015. At that time, reputation lookups will no longer be available from the FileAdvisor web service. Please contact for more information about how Bit9 + Carbon Black endpoint security solutions can protect your enterprise.

Accelerate Incident Response & Forensics

The Bit9 + Carbon Black Software Reputation Service for Cyber Forensics provides the intelligence you need on software to speed your cyber investigations. We help you identify, validate and understand of software files in minutes so you can quickly analyze software trust ratings.

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What is Bit9 + Carbon Black FileAdvisor?

Bit9 + Carbon Black FileAdvisor provides metadata (origin, size, publisher, source, etc.) on software files. You can look up metadata on up to 10 files a day. If you require access beyond this, consider our Cyber Forensics Service™ to identify, validate and understand the reputation of software files so you can better protect your users.

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Bit9 + Carbon Black Solution

Today’s evolving landscape requires a new approach to Endpoint Threat Protection, Detection and Response. The Bit9 + Carbon Black Solution delivers real-time visibility for ‘always-on’ advanced threat awareness and prevention that allows your organization to maintain the ideal security posture.

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